Business Planning and Formation 

Sherrard McGonagle Tizzano & Lind P.S. provide representation and advice to variety of local businesses, both large and small. Our services are tailored to the needs of our clients and range from transactional work to complex litigation.


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We help our clients through the entire life cycle of a business.

Initially we help with the planning and implementation of the structure of a business entity, including:

  • small proprietorships

  • general and limited partnerships

  • joint ventures, corporations and s-corporations

  • limited liability companies.

This includes both for profit and non-profit business entities.

It also includes family businesses that have both business planning and estate planning purposes.


We help create the structural framework for new businesses by assisting with organizational meetings, articles of incorporation, minutes, bylaws, partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, and limited liability company operating agreements to ensure that all business owners have clarity regarding their respective interests and authority to control the business. This planning also creates structure for dealing with unexpected situations such as the death, disability, disassociation, or divorce of an owner, as well as anticipated situations such as distributions of profits and buy-sell arrangements amongst owners.


Our firm will work with your other professional advisors, or introduce you to highly capable local professional advisors, to manage any tax, financial, accounting, legal and insurance needs to ensure that your business takes advantage of favorable tax laws and is fully protected from creditors. We also help your business maintain the appropriate licenses and records, and create a minute book so that your business is prepared in the event of an audit or lawsuit.


As your business navigates day-to-day activities in the course of business, we can provide legal assistance in the areas of:

  • negotiations

  • drafting and reviewing contracts

  • leases

  • employment agreements

  • non-disclosure and non-compete agreements

  • merger and acquisition documents

  • protection of intellectual property

  • dealing with litigation and collections

Finally, if you decide to retire or sell your business, we can help create a plan of succession consistent with your estate plan, and/or transfer your business in a way that is tax advantageous and limits any liability you may have as a former business owner.

Contact us to set up an appointment to discuss your business concerns with one of our highly knowledgeable attorneys.

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