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Injuries caused by semi-trucks or other commercial vehicles often involve significant damages and complex defenses. Federal law governs much in the regulation of the trucking industry. Litigating a trucking case will undoubtedly include working with experts to reconstruct the crash and help a jury to understand perception analysis issues. They also usually involve multiple medical experts regarding the nature and extent of a client’s physical and mental injuries.

Our office dedicates significant resources to uncover evidence and truths in these types of complex cases. From ordering and reviewing medical records, meeting with your health care providers and witnesses, and visiting crash scenes - to performing in depth analysis of evidence obtained from the defendant. We will relentlessly prosecute your case.


Case Example: Head on Collision



In a recent trucking case our office handled, we were provided with a video reenactment of a collision by the defendant, a large trucking corporation, in which they depicted the tractor-trailer pulling out in front of our client’s car. (In the actual case the tractor-trailer pulled out in front of our client, who had the right-of-way, causing serious injuries, including traumatic brain injury, fractures, and significant internal wounds.) The defendant’s video evidence for use at trial contained a hidden “phantom vehicle” that could only be seen in very slow motion with short increments of film slices. This would have been deceptive if shown to the jury because the phantom car was used to add extra lighting for the reenactment, making the defendant appear less culpable. Attorney Christian Ray painstakingly, and cleverly, dissected the video to uncover the truth.

Handling trucking cases involves skill, dedication, and focus to fight large corporations and insurance companies. We are committed to uncovering every piece of evidence that will help win your case.

Contact Sherrard McGonagle Tizzano & Lind’s Bainbridge Island Office to schedule your free case evaluation. We proudly represent injury victims throughout Washington State.

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